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"That which has been is now; and that which is to be has already been; and God requires that
which is past."
- Ecclesiastes 3:15

    July, 2017              

    Dear Friends,

        While I am composing this message, some of my neighbors are celebrating the
    Independence Day holiday a bit early, setting off various fireworks throughout the
    evening. Once again, I am reminded of the spiritual significance of this day, one that is
    meaningful and applicable to every being no matter where they live in the world:   
    spiritual freedom. A good question to contemplate in meditation, it would be helpful for
    us to go within often, this month especially, and ask, "What does it mean to be spiritually
    free?" As Joel states in the excerpt directly below, spiritual Independence Day is the now-
    moment when it is revealed to us that the name and nature of God is I, the I that I Am.

        "The whole of The Infinite Way demonstration was made on the day when it was revealed to  
    me that the name and nature of God is I. That one— that’s the whole demonstration of The Infinite
    Way, worldwide. And so it is that a person with one unfoldment…Moses made his whole
    demonstration on one revelation: I AM that I AM. He never needed another teaching. Jesus never
    needed another. He only had one teaching, and it’s all about I. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father
    that sent me, for I and the Father are one; I am the meat and the wine and the water; I am the life
    and the resurrection; I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more eternally.
    His whole demonstration is built around one word. We think that we need everything that’s in 20
    books. We don’t. If we catch, if we catch one, two, three, our whole life’s demonstration is made."
          - Joel, "Attuning to Consciousness ," from the 1962 Holland Closed Class, #0500B

        On the First Sunday, July 2nd, we are meeting at THE INN OF CHICAGO, and will
    begin the day with a recording that was the basis for Chapter 7, "Attaining A Measure of
    Spiritual Consciousness," from Joel's CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT I AM.
       Then, following my short talk, "A Return to Knowing," we will begin a new class by
    Margaret Ponga, her 2017 Nashville Class, Session 1, "Reaching Conscious Oneness."
           Our recording broadcasts for July will continue on the Second Tuesday, July 11th,
    when we will hear Virginia Stephenson's 1994 Asilomar Class, Session #6, "Spiritual
    Power Does Not Contend With Nothingness," which was the basis for her July Monthly
    Lesson of 2011. This recording is an excellent study of 2nd Degree work, the nature of
       For our Third Sunday broadcast on July 16th, we will be hearing a recording
    which was the basis for Chapter 7 in Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S
    HOUSE, Recording (#0500B) of the 1962 Holland Closed Class, "Attuning to
      The Forth Tuesday meeting of July 25th will be a continuing of the "New Horizon
    Series". This collection of deep and mostly 3rd Degree teachings that Joel said were "a
    lesson seldom given," will continue with the conclusion of "Flesh and Flesh," a recording,
    which corresponds to Chapter 7 in AWAKENING MYSTICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and
    which is from Joel's 1954 Portland Practitioner Class, Recording (#0095A).
           And available for listening at your leisure, we will be continuing with Luella's 1992
    Green Bay Closed Class, Session 3, "Spiritual Identity As Supply." In addition to the audio file,  
    a transcript is available . (Special thanks to Lori B. and Linda F!)

    Luella's workbooks, DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS Vols. I and II, continue to be
    popular with students as clear, concise explorations of the principles of spiritual living
    and healing. Along with the newer paper edition of both volumes,
    brand new eBook versions (for all eReaders) of both Volumes, as well as
    Luella's TREASURE HUNT, are now available for purchase on Amazon.com.  Please click
    on this link for a preview or to purchase:
    Our Weekly Book Study Meetings for 2017, on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM CST, will
    be continuing on July 6th. We will be working with Chapter 7 from our book, Joel's THE
    JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S HOUSE, which was originally published as THE
    INFINITE WAY LETTERS OF 1979. Registration for participation in this meeting is now
    closed. To register for next year's meetings, please contact me at:bob_harper@sbcglobal.net, or
    (847) 428-4759. Also, if you are thinking of registering for next year, please read: Weekly Book
    Study Meetings Purpose and Guidelines 2017. This will give you an idea of the format for this study

      Happy Independence Day!                         




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