... No, this is not a photo of Lake Michigan! However, the Aloha Spirit of was
led to hold the first Tape Meeting, ever, in a downtown hotel room.  Since
that time, dedicated individuals have carried on this Work. Luella Overeem,
who worked closely with Lorraine, conducted the meetings up until 1981
when she retired from this phase of the Activity in order to devote more time
to her teaching and practitioner work. At that time, several students asked if
I would keep the Study Center going. After much meditation, and with
Luella's blessing, I assumed the duties of conducting the meetings, selling
books, organizing classes, and publishing a monthly study guide and
schedule of activities. I am grateful that God's grace, appearing as the
loving support of many seriously dedicated students of Joel's Message, has
allowed me to serve in this capacity for over 23 years. My sole aim for all
this time has been to serve those who are interested in Joel's Teaching, to
make his material available, and to bear witness to the Aloha Spirit of
Mystical Awareness that still thrives in the Windy City.

Peace, and Blessings,

Bob Harper