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     MEETINGS:(First Sunday*) THE INN OF CHICAGO         
                       162 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL 60611 11:00 AM/12:15 PM/ 12:45 PM
                       (Mezzanine Level) (Join Us On-line or Phone-in)

                       (Second Tuesday*) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)                                          

                       (Third Sunday*) 259 SKYLINE DRIVE, CARPENTERSVILLE, IL, 60110
                       (Join Us On-line or Phone-in) 11:00 AM (Info. in Study Guide) Pls. R.S.V.P.

                       (Fourth Tuesday*) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       (Every Thursday**) ON-LINE BOOK STUDY MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       Conducted by Bob Harper  

                       (* Of the Month) (**Book Study Registration For 2017 Now Closed.)

      Meditation Starts 15 min. Before Meeting Time  
      Conducted by Bob Harper

      MAIL AND TEL: Bob Harper, P.O. Box 337, Carpentersville, IL 60110
      (847)428-4759, (847)710-4759 (cel.)
"Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know
and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall
there be after me."
- Isaiah 43:10

    May, 2017*               (*Please note meeting schedule
                                       changes for May!)

    Dear Friends,

        It seems that just a short while ago I started to notice a bit of greenery making its
    appearance in my front and back yards . Then seemingly overnight, a great explosion of
    verdant splendor came forth, taking over and transforming everything with Emerald
    hues. It's as if the trees, grass, bushes, and plants had, in a "twinkling of an eye", been
    chosen to be transparencies for the Life which may seem to wax and wane, but which in
    Truth, "never leaves nor forsakes us." Not one single blade of grass was able to make itself
    go from dormancy to activity, from "death to life", from the "forgotten" to the chosen, but
    was a silent witnesses to the Infinite Omnipresent Activity that forever remains the
    Essence of all Being.

         "In the beginning this was your consciousness and mine, and we had no other consciousness than that.
    We were as infinite as God; we were as eternal as God, as immortal as God, for the God consciousness was
    individual consciousness, and these were one. I and the Father are one. Individual being and infinite divine
    Being is one. Do not get materialistic and try to see how all God consciousness can be mine, and still all
    God consciousness can be yours, because there is no way to understand this through the limitation of the
    mind. You can only understand it when you realize God as Spirit. With God as Spirit, you will understand
    that God cannot be divided, separated, cut up into pieces, but that God is always infinite one, and God is the
    mind of you and of me. When the Master said, “Have that mind in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” he
    did not say, “Have a piece of that mind or a little of that mind.” But he said, “Have that mind.” Also it
    states, “Let me have the glory that I had with you in the beginning, before the world was.” And so you
    know that it is true, God is the infinite consciousness, the divine consciousness of this universe, the
    consciousness of man, animal, vegetable, and mineral world. God formed this world of the consciousness
    which God is: All of this world: the animal, vegetable, mineral, and human world, but since God is infinite,
    God could only have evolved this world out of Himself, out of the consciousness which God is. And therefore,
    we individually, have existed since the beginning, We were never born, we will never die, because God
    evolved us of His own consciousness. And that which God hath joined can never be put asunder, and I and
    the Father are one, made so not by me, but by God. God established that relationship in the beginning: that
    God the Father and God the son is one, and that oneness endures forever."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Joel, From Recording 0556A, "'I Have Chosen You"

         Our recording broadcasts for May will begin on the First Tuesday, May 2nd, when we
    will hear Virginia Stephenson's 1994 Asilomar Class, Session #4, "Pantheism, Illusion,
    and Reality," which was the basis for her May Monthly Lesson of 2011. A deep message
    that was inspired by Joel's Chapter, "Reality and Illusion" from A PARENTHESIS IN
    ETERNITY, this class session is a thorough exploration of our theme for this month,
    spiritual Being and Universe.
        On the Second Sunday, we are meeting at THE INN OF CHICAGO on May 14th, and
    will begin the day with a recording that was the basis for Chapter 5, "Between Two
    Worlds - I Have Chosen You," from Joel's CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT I AM. As part of
    the well-known "Between Two Worlds series, which Joel gave shortly before his
    transition, the 1964 Chicago Special Class, MP3, Side 1 (#0556A) contains many
    wonderful signposts guiding us to the realization of our spiritual origin and nature.
       Then, following my short talk, we will hear the most recent class by John Stephenson,
    his 2017 Kailua Private Class. We will continue Session 2, "The Myth of Separation."
       For our Third Sunday broadcast on May 21st, we will be hearing a recording
    which was the basis for Chapter 5 in Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S
    HOUSE, MP3, Side 1 of the 1962 Holland Closed Class, "The Function of the Christ in
    You" (#0499A).
      The Fourth Tuesday meeting of May 23rd will be a continuing of the "New Horizon
    Series". This collection of deep and mostly 3rd Degree teachings that Joel said were "a
    lesson seldom given," will continue with "Contemplation, Meditation," a recording, which
    corresponds to Chapters 6 and 10 in THE ART OF MEDITATION, and which is from
    Joel's 1954 Chicago  Practitioner Class, MP3, Side 2 (#0060B). Joel leads us deeply into
    many contemplations of the truth of Being throughout this recording!
           And available for listening at your leisure, we will be starting a new class with
    Luella's 1992 Green Bay Closed Class, Session 1, "Spiritual Identity: Unwrapping the
    Mummies." In addition to the audio file,  a transcript is available .
    (Special thanks to Lori B. and Linda F!)

    Luella's workbooks, DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS Vols. I and II, continue to be
    popular with students as clear, concise explorations of the principles of spiritual living
    and healing. Along with the newer paper edition of both volumes,
    brand new eBook versions (for all eReaders) of both Volumes, as well as
    Luella's TREASURE HUNT, are now available for purchase on  Please click
    on this link for a preview or to purchase:
    Our Weekly Book Study Meetings for 2017, on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM CST, will
    be continuing on May 11th (No meeting on May 4th!). We will be working with Chapter
    5 from our book, Joel'sTHE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S HOUSE, which was
    originally published as THE INFINITE WAY LETTERS OF 1979. Registration for
    participation in this meeting is now closed. To register for next year's meetings, please
    contact me, or (847) 428-4759. Also, if you are thinking of
    registering for next year, please read: Weekly Book Study Meetings Purpose and Guidelines 2017. This will
    give you an idea of the format for this study group.

      Aloha and Blessings!                         




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