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     MEETINGS:(First Sunday*) THE INN OF CHICAGO         
                       162 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL 60611 11:00 AM/12:15 PM/ 12:45 PM
                       (Mezzanine Level) (Join Us On-line or Phone-in)

                       (Second Tuesday*) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)                                          

                       (Third Sunday*) 259 SKYLINE DRIVE, CARPENTERSVILLE, IL, 60110
                       (Join Us On-line or Phone-in) 11:00 AM (Info. in Study Guide) Pls. R.S.V.P.

                       (Fourth Tuesday*) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       (Every Thursday**) ON-LINE BOOK STUDY MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       Conducted by Bob Harper  

                       (* Of the Month) (**Book Study Registration For 2017 Now Closed.)

      Meditation Starts 15 min. Before Meeting Time  
      Conducted by Bob Harper

      MAIL AND TEL: Bob Harper, P.O. Box 337, Carpentersville, IL 60110
      (847)428-4759, (847)710-4759 (cel.)
     "And be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing
of your mind, and ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."
                                                                                                                            - Romans 12:2

    March, 2017   

    Dear Friends,

        Happy Spring! ... Renewal! The very word quickens the spirit, and so wonderfully
    signifies this time of year. Springtime is the season of awakening and transformation,
    when the snows of Winter melt away revealing what seems like "new life," but which is
    actually the re-emergence or new unfoldment of the Life which has always been present.
        This month, most of our work will center on "mind," and the practice which assures
    that this unconditioned instrument, our gift from God, reflects that which was described
    by Paul in his Epistle to the Phillipians, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ

       "Now, number one, let me tell you that the mind is not a power. Not only the mind isn’t a synonym for
    God, it isn’t an infinite power, it isn’t even a tiny little bit of a power. It isn’t any power at all. The mind is
    an instrument, and nothing more nor less than an instrument. It is absolutely unconditioned in its primal
    essence; it is neither good nor evil. It has no qualities of good or of evil. It is just an instrument given to me
    for my use—you, for your use.
            Do you not say “my mind,” “his mind,” “her mind?” Well you couldn’t say “his God” or “her God” or
“my God.” There is only one God. There is no such thing as my God, there is no such thing as your God.
     Again, the mind isn’t you; otherwise you wouldn’t be saying “my mind,” “his mind,” “her mind.” But  
you can say my mind, your mind, his mind, her mind, because we have a mind. We don’t each have a mind
of our own; there is only one, universal mind, and it is an instrument."

                                                                             - Joel, From Recording 0496A, "Mind Is A Transparency"

         For our First Sunday schedule, we are meeting at THE INN OF CHICAGO on March
    5th, and will begin the day with a recording that was the basis for Chapter 3, "Mind Is A
    Transparency," from Joel's CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT I AM. On last month's
    recording, Joel told us that we must die to the personal sense of self. March 5th, we will
    learn how, with The 1962 London Special Class, MP3, Side 1 (#0496A).
      Then, following my short talk, we will continue our new class by John Stephenson, his
    2016 Kailua Private Class. We will be hearing Session 3, "Consciousness Builds the
          For the Second Tuesday meeting on March 14th, we will hear Virginia Stephenson's
    1994 Asilomar Class, Session #2, "The Omnipresence of I," which was the basis for both
    her March Monthly Lesson of 2011. Those of you who subscribed to that publication back
    then may still have copies to re-visit. has recent years of the Lessons
    available as a free download, and John has indicated that he was planning on making
    more years available. (The recordings of the 1994 Asilomar are still available for purchase
           For our Third Sunday broadcast on March 19th, we will be hearing a recording
    which was the basis for Chapter 3 in Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S
    HOUSE, MP3, Side 1 of the 1961 Stockholm Closed Class, "First Lesson In the Infinite
    Way" (#0424).
           The Fourth Tuesday meeting of March 28th will continue for our end of the month
    meetings the series of class sessions which Joel referred to as the "New Horizon Series."  
    This collection of deep and mostly 3rd Degree teachings, that Joel said were "a lesson
    seldom given," will continue with the well-known "Treatment With the IS" recording
    which corresponds to Chapter 6 in SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT - The Healing
    Consciousness, from Joel's 1953 First New York Practitioner Class, MP3, Side 1 (#0046B).
           And available for listening at your leisure is Luella's 1991 Green Bay Easter Class,
    Session 5, "Christmas To Easter, Part One."
    Note: I am happy to announce that in addition to the audio file,  a transcript is now available .
    (Special thanks to Lori B. and Linda F!)

    Luella's workbooks, DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS Vols. I and II, continue to be
    popular with students as clear, concise explorations of the principles of spiritual living
    and healing. Along with the recently published new paper edition of both
    volumes, brand new eBook versions (for all eReaders) of both Volumes, as well as
    Luella's TREASURE HUNT, are now available for purchase on  Please click
    on this link for a preview or to purchase:
    Our Weekly Book Study Meetings for 2017, on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM CST, will
    be continuing on March 2nd. We will be working with Chapter 3 from our new book,
    Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S HOUSE, which was originally published as
    THE INFINITE WAY LETTERS OF 1970. Registration for participation in this meeting is
    now closed. To register for next year's meetings, please contact me at:, or (847) 428-4759. Also, if you are thinking of registering for next
    year, please read: Weekly Book Study Meetings Purpose and Guidelines 2017. This will give you an idea of the
    format for this study group.

      Aloha and Blessings!                         




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