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                  **Please See Schedule Change for June! Click Here

     MEETINGS:(First Sunday*) THE INN OF CHICAGO         
                       162 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL 60611 11:00 AM/12:15 PM/ 12:45 PM
                       (Mezzanine Level) (Join Us On-line or Phone-in)

                       (Second Tuesday*) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)                                          

                       (Third Sunday*) 259 SKYLINE DRIVE, CARPENTERSVILLE, IL, 60110
                       (Join Us On-line or Phone-in) 11:00 AM (Info. in Study Guide) Pls. R.S.V.P.

                       (Third Tuesday**) ON-LINE MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       (Every Thursday**) ON-LINE BOOK STUDY MEETING
                       (Or Phone-in) 7:30 PM CST (Info. in Study Guide)

                       Conducted by Bob Harper  

                       (* Of the Month) (**Book Study Registration For 2017 Now Closed.)

      Meditation Starts 15 min. Before Meeting Time  
      Conducted by Bob Harper

      MAIL AND TEL: Bob Harper, P.O. Box 337, Carpentersville, IL 60110
      (847)428-4759, (847)710-4759 (cel.) bob_harper@sbcglobal.net
"My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD." - Psalms 104:34

    June, 2017*               (*Please note meeting schedule
                                       change for June!)

    Dear Friends,

        Happy Summer! We have several themes running through our Work for June:
    meditation; the nature of spiritual healing; the nature of supply. We know that all the
    principles are actually One: God alone is now being the only presence, power, life, Self.
    So, this month we will be seeing how the apparently different areas the recordings and
    chapters focus on all lead to the same place: the deconstruction of personal sense, the
    nothingness and non-power of error, and the revelation of spiritual, individual
    (indivisible) Being.

        "And we have to realize the nothingness of these appearances of evil: that evil is illusion
    - it’s a sense of illusion! And as you work with that principle, you do get to the place where you
    don’t even feel any enmity against whoever has done some awful thing to you. You can get to
    that place where you don’t feel it; you don’t see it; where you’re seeing only spiritual identity.
    And when you have that state of consciousness, nobody can hurt you. Nobody can hurt us in
    any way except as we permit it. It’s just the same as being sick, or dying, or being poor, or
    having some other form of limitation: that’s all your own state of consciousness. Any bit of human
    belief that we let in appears outwardly as our experience."
                                               - Luella, "The Way Is Meditation," from 1992 GREEN BAY, Session 2

        On the First Sunday, June 4th, we are meeting at THE INN OF CHICAGO, and will
    begin the day with a recording that was the basis for Chapter 6, "The Light Breaking
    Through," from Joel's CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT I AM. Here, Joel says that although  
    the strongest human instinct seems to be the drive toward "self-preservation," it is the
    "fiercest enemy" of our spiritual development, which demands that we "die" to personal
       Then, following my short talk, "SELF Discovery Is A God Activity," we will hear a
    recent class-session by John Stephenson, his 2017 Kailua Private Class, Session 3,
           Our recording broadcasts for June will continue on the Second Tuesday, June 13th,
    when we will hear Virginia Stephenson's 1994 Asilomar Class, Session #5, "Spiritual
    Integration," which was the basis for her June Monthly Lesson of 2011. This recording is
    an excellent study of 2nd Degree work, the nature of error.
       For our Third Sunday broadcast on June 18th, we will be hearing a recording
    which was the basis for Chapter 6 in Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S
    HOUSE, Recording (#0426A) of the 1962 Holland Closed Class, "What Have You in the
      The Third Tuesday* meeting of June 20th will be a continuing of the "New Horizon
    Series". This collection of deep and mostly 3rd Degree teachings that Joel said were "a
    lesson seldom given," will continue with "Flesh and Flesh," a recording, which
    corresponds to Chapter 4 in AWAKENING MYSTICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and which
    is from Joel's 1954 Portland Practitioner Class, Recording (#0094B). Joel's classic recording
    and Chapter lead us deeply into the nature of healing work, with no questions  
    unanswered, no stone left unturned!
           And available for listening at your leisure, we will be continuing with Luella's 1992
    Green Bay Closed Class, Session 2, "Meditation Is the Way." In addition to the audio file,  a
    transcript is available . (Special thanks to Lori B. and Linda F!)

    Luella's workbooks, DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS Vols. I and II, continue to be
    popular with students as clear, concise explorations of the principles of spiritual living
    and healing. Along with the newer paper edition of both volumes,
    brand new eBook versions (for all eReaders) of both Volumes, as well as
    Luella's TREASURE HUNT, are now available for purchase on Amazon.com.  Please click
    on this link for a preview or to purchase:
    Our Weekly Book Study Meetings for 2017, on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM CST, will
    be continuing on June 1st (No meetings on June 22, 29). We will be working with
    Chapter 6 from our book, Joel's THE JOURNEY BACK to the FATHER'S HOUSE, which
    was originally published as THE INFINITE WAY LETTERS OF 1979. Registration for
    participation in this meeting is now closed. To register for next year's meetings, please
    contact me at:bob_harper@sbcglobal.net, or (847) 428-4759. Also, if you are thinking of
    registering for next year, please read: Weekly Book Study Meetings Purpose and Guidelines 2017. This will
    give you an idea of the format for this study group.

      Aloha and Blessings!                         




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